06 February 2011

Traditional Bulgarian Master

Today we visited a master at his home nr. Varna.
He is a traditional "Gaida" master. They are made completely hand made and very beautifull in sound and in looks.

The first "Gaida" was from Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria where the tradition spread rapidly accross the country.

The gaida (bagpipe) is an musical instrument, aerophone, using enclosed reeds fed from a constant reservoir of air in the form of a bag.

The gaida, and its variations, is an traditional musical instrument for entire Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East.

Below is a picture of the one we purchased for ourselves, although this will also serve two or three other purposes.

It will be played and also be an advertising piece for anyone wishing to purchase on of these lovely traditional instruments as a souvenir. They are not very expensive for a basic model and make a great conversation piece for you friends.

23 December 2010

Butchie, our homed Bulgarian street dog.

Many dogs in Bulgaria live on the streets having to fend for themselves daily.
Butchie, our dog was presented to us by a friend and is now our home security.
She is trained like most English dogs and a very calm nature with Milana who finds time to train her.
She has a newly made log cabin home and loves it.
Here she is growing quickly. At six months old now I think she is growing into a fine dog.
First photo is when she had first moved in and only 4 weeks old.

The next are now at six months.

Some beautifull Bulgarian Winter sunsets

Her a few photos of Bulgarian sunsets. Photos were taken while out walking with our dog Butchie.

The next 2 photos was taken by my daughter Milana, she is 2 1/2 years old.

She loves aeroplanes .
This is my Daughter Milana...


18 November 2010

320 lumen Dive Torch

A Diving Torch with 320 Lumens.


Brand new W300 Cree Q5 320-Lumen LED diving flashlight.

Perfect fit for home maintenance, outdoor activities, hiking, night fishing, camping, caving, hunting etc.

Emitter BIN: Q5.

Coated glass lens and textured aluminum orange peel reflector cup.

On/Off power switch by twisting the side switch of the torch body.

One mode reverse clicky.

Constant current circuit.

Diving deep is up to 100M.

Brightness: 320 lumens maximum brightness (manufacturer rated).

Lens diameter: 38.0mm.

Compact and portable handheld design.

Powered by 3*AA batteries (Batteries not included).

Durable aluminum body.

weight:281 g

size:20*3.8*3.8 cm

01 October 2010

Internet in Bulgaria

Internet in Bulgaria is among one of the top 10 speeds in the world.
They have upto 50Mb with some companies here.
Different areas of Bulgaria have different connections and some villages dont have internet connection at all.
With the way the world is going within technology advances what will these villages do without communications? The answer will probably be nothig, they will just get on with their lives as they have for decades even centuries.
We live in Pliska the first capital of Bulgaria where luckily we have internet for communicating around the world. It was aproblem when we first arriven last November, couldn't  contact anyone no landline and didn't know anyone from where to source an internet connection.
We have 12Mbs although we can have diferent speeds if we wish. I use a speed checker http://www.speedtest.net/ and sometimes we don't get the speed we pay for, we check often and keep logs of our connection speeds.
Happy surfing all.